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Energy consumption of household appliances in kWh
The annual cost savings are 1047kWh * $0.10/kWh (your power rate) = $105. Assume the new refrigerator will last 15 years. Assume you can sell the new .

There is a refrigerator in virtually every home in the United States
Year Refrigerator. Manufactured. Annual Electrical. Consumption. Annual Cost of . Electricity*. 1972. 2000 kWh. $270.00. 1990. 900 kWh. $121.50. 1993 .

Residential Refrigerator Calc - Energy Star
1, Assumptions for Residential Refrigerators. 2. 3, Category, Value, Data Source. 4, Power. 5, ENERGY STAR Qualified Unit, Annual Energy Consumption, kWh .

Energy Savers: Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy ...
Feb 9, 2011. then calculate the annual cost to run an appliance by multiplying the kWh . Refrigerators, although turned "on" all the time, actually cycle on .

How to Calculate a Refrigerator's Annual kWh? | eHow.com
How to Calculate a Refrigerator's Annual kWh?. A refrigerator's annual kilowatt per hour (kWh) rate can give you a general idea of your energy usage, and may .

392 kwh yearly
At 334 kWh/yr these refrigerators take the prize for being the #1 most . or required less KW yearly, i would definatly go that route....looked at .

Refrigerators and Freezers
Top Freezer Model Refrigerator - Automatic Defrost. Energy Use Comparison. Average Annual kWh Usage. Average Annual kWh Usage .

FEMP Designated Product: Residential Refrigerators
Performance Requirement for Federal Purchases. Refrigerator Type. Total Volumea. Annual Energy Useb. Single-Door Manual. ? 2.4 cu. ft. 255 kWh/year or .

How much energy does a refrigerator use? - by Mr. Electricity
New fridges aren't just a little more efficient, they're incredibly more efficient. A 1986-era 18 c.f. fridge uses 1400 kWh a year, while a modern energy-efficient .

DIY, Super-Efficient Fridge Uses .1 kWh a Day | EcoRenovator.org
Dec 1, 2008 . DIY, Super-Efficient Fridge Uses .1 kWh a Day . that I can find from sears with a KWH/Cubic Foot rating of 18.92 or annual cost of $50.59.

Energy Tips
New refrigerators can range from 400 to 700 kWh per year. A few are below 400 kWh annual energy consumption. ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator models .

Prepared for: U.S. Department of Energy Office of Building ...
DOE Requirements for Refrigerator Replacement — At a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . This database lists estimated annual kWh use based on the .

As shown in Figure 1, the two refrigerator models have a nearly identical appearance. The newer model has a DOE estimated annual energy use of 760 kWh .

Top Ten Large Refrigerators
Top Ten Large Refrigerators. #1. Whirlpool 250 pixels tall.

ACEEE | Refrigeration
The energy efficiency of refrigerators and freezers has improved dramatically over the . Low Annual Energy Use . To compare energy performance across different refrigerator types, look for the measured " kWh /year" either on the ENERGY .


Refrigerator Audit Methods Usage Analysis Results Other Findings
Assess accuracy of refrigerator audit methods and develop new methods as . program assumptions: lower savings value ($0.60/annual kWh) new units cost .

Questions & Answers about refrigerator energy use
Rebates for buying energy-efficient appliances like refrigerators, washing . The calculator uses these values for yearly kWh usage for an 18 c.f. fridge: .

Refrigerators & Freezers Information Resources : ENERGY STAR
Home > Products > Refrigerators > Refrigerators & Freezers Information . of a through-the-door ice dispenser); Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/year) .

Saving Energy to save on your monthly bills.
15-YEAR-OLD REFRIGERATOR. (25 cubic feet) kWh/year: 1165. Annual operating cost: $126. NEW BOTTOM-FREEZER. Amana AFD2535DE[W] (25 cubic feet) .

Indiana Low-Income Weatherization and Refrigerator Replacement ...
Cinergy/PSI has been able to demonstrate annual energy savings of 287320 kWh by collecting data on 228 replaced refrigerators. LESSONS LEARNED .

Targeting Refrigerators for Repair or Replacement Introduction
For instance, we found that the average annual electricity usage of refrigerators in Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) apartments was 976 kWh. At a base rate .

Commercial Solid-Door Refrigerators and Freezers - Flex Your Power
Conventional Refrigerator, Energy Star Refrigerator, Savings. Annual Energy Consumption, 2102 kWh/year, 1621 kWh/year, 481 kWh/year. Annual Energy Cost .

U.S. Household Electricity Uses: A/C, Heating, Appliances
Jul 14, 2005 . Statistics on annual energy consumption by over two dozen individual . For refrigerators in 2001, the average UEC was 1239 kWh, while U.S. .

Appliance Efficiency Standards
Appliance, annual energy use (kWh), annual energy use (kWh). Refrigerator- freezer, 1220, 670. Freezer, 1010, 500. Clothes washer (1), 890, 670. Clothes dryer .

Refrigerator Comparison Table -- Auto Defrost Refrigerators with ...
Mar 4, 2004 . Refrigerator Comparison Table -- Auto Defrost Refrigerators with Top Freezers . Change in Annual KWh. Change in Annual Operating Cost .

CEE - Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
REFRIGERATORS, 24 cubic feet (annual kWh), 48 cubic feet (annual kWh). baseline energy use*, 2102, 3197. CEE Tier 1 energy savings, 482, 1577. CEE Tier .

GE Energy Efficient Products: Refrigerators
GE appliances ENERGY STAR® Qualified Refrigerators. . number of non- qualified refrigerators; this is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of more . 2009 residential electricity rate of $0.1065 per kWh, versus non-qualified refrigerators.

Energy-Wasting Extra Refrigerators - ManageMyLife.com
And from the beginning, you reduce your energy use by 1550 kWh per year. . Compared to the annual cost of that 15-year-old full-size fridge, it pays for itself in .

DTE Energy - Appliances Calculator
25 cu. ft. side by side. Annual KWh. Qty. Laundry. Kitchen. Refrigerator. $0.00. *. Total monthly cost $0.00. HOME | EXIT. Choosing CFL Bulbs | CFLs | Furnace .

Top Ten XL Refrigerators
Top Ten USA. Top Ten XL Refrigerators. #1. LG LFC25776.

ENERGY STAR refrigerators
ENERGY STAR refrigerators use less energy than standard new fridges, and far less . The graph shows both total yearly kWh usage for a refrigerator class, and .

New refrigerators consume less than a 100-watt bulb
New refrigerators can range from 400 to 700 KWH per year. A few are below 400 KWH annual energy consumption. ENERGY STAR®-qualified refrigerator .

The ENERGY STAR Make A Cool Change: Recycle Your Old Fridge ...
refrigerator or freezer and replacing it, if necessary, with an ENERGY STAR® . on chart paper with “number of years old” on the x-axis and “annual cost” on the y - . Discuss with students what the line graph shows – that kWh used to run a .

What Is the Wattage of a Small Fridge? | eHow.com
From 1980 to 1989, annual kWh descended to 1413, and from 1990 to 1992, kWh dropped again to 1062. From 1993 to 2000, small refrigerators used 715 kWh .


Refrigerators & Freezers
Refrigerators and freezers are among the most significant energy-consuming appliances in the average home. In most cases . Average Annual kWh Usage .

Refrigerators - ETC Creations
The most important number on the Energy Guide is the "Estimated Yearly Electricity . An efficient, modern fridge uses from 350 to 700 kwh of electricity per year, .

Electric Usage Chart - Refrigerators
Annual kWh may vary considerably depending upon model, .


High-Efficiency Refrigerators
New high-efficiency refrigerators exceed the federal energy requirements and . on refrigerator volume and level of efficiency, they use between 450 kWh per year . high-efficiency refrigerator can save a homeowner $100* in average annual .


Choosing a refrigerator: Follow the Yellow Tag Road. - Choosing a ...
May 13, 2002 . Summary: Refrigerators use more energy than any other kitchen appliance. If you do not . The first is the energy use of this model in kWh/year. This is in . The second number is the estimated annual cost in dollars. This is in .

Targeting Refrigerators for Repair or Replacement Introduction
For instance, we found that the average annual electricity usage of refrigerators in Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) apartments was 976 kWh. At a base rate of .


Refrigerator Energy Use Calculator Background: Home energy use ...
An average refrigerator purchase in 1976 consumed 1800 kWh per year. The last . be over a 24 hour period to get an accurate estimate of annual energy use.

Recycling Your Old Refrigerator Saves More Than You Think ...
Jun 17, 2010 . And an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator needs only 685 kWh. . equals to an annual energy savings of more than three million kWh.


Refrigerator Decommissioning Deemed Measure Update
Jun 29, 2010 . Energy Savings = (kWhold)×(Fpartuse) ×(Baselineadjustment). kWhold: Average Annual Energy Use of Recycled Refrigerators (and Freezers) .

Massachusetts State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program ...
Nov 17, 2011 . Refrigerators. Annual kWh usage is at least 25% more efficient than the federal standard.*. $200. *Exceeds current ENERGY STAR criteria.


Rocky Mountain Power Wyoming See ya later, refrigerator ...
Oct 18, 2011 . Evaluated gross annual per-unit energy savings for refrigerators (1232 kWh) ran higher than reported savings (1149). Evaluated gross savings .