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Motte-and-bailey castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A motte-and-bailey castle is a fortification with a wooden or stone keep situated on a raised earthwork called a motte, accompanied by an enclosed courtyard, .

Duffus Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was Freskin who built the great earthwork and timber motte-and-bailey castle in c. 1140. The motte was an immense man-made mound with steeply sloping .

Motte and Bailey Castles
His strategy of utilising Pre-Built Norman Timber Castles with Motte and Bailey structures played a highly successful role when he conquered England.

Motte and Bailey Castles Attack & Defence
William the Conqueror developed a strategy of quickly building a network of wooden Motte and Bailey Castles - he even bought pre-built castles with him when .

Motte and Bailey Castle
What is a Motte and Bailey Castle? When was the first Motte and Bailey Castle built? Motte and Bailey Castle - first built in timber and then in Stone. The location .

Motte and Bailey Castles - History Learning Site
Motte and bailey castles appeared in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. . The castle on the motte was reached either by wooden stairs that could be .

These types of castles were quickly put up all over England after the Battle of Hastings to enforce Norman control. Motte and bailey castles: made of wood quick .

Castles - Year 7 - SchoolHistory.co.uk
Aug 19, 2007 . The most common early type was the Motte and Bailey castle. These castles consisted of a wooden fort on top of a man-made mound (motte) .

The Motte and Bailey Castle - Durham World Heritage Site
Model of a typical motte and bailey castle, showing the artificial mound surmounted by a wooden keep (the motte) and the fenced enclosure surrounded by a .

TimeRef - Medieval History Timelines - Motte and Bailey castle
Motte and Bailey castle . The area inside the castle is known as the bailey and had enough room for a large wooden hall where the Baron lived and for smaller .

BBC - Wales - History - Themes - Castles: Motte and bailey castles
Nov 23, 2010 . Wooden motte and bailey castles, providing they served their purpose and were located properly, were often rebuilt as stone structures when .

Motte and Bailey Castles Designs: Plans, Photos and More
Discover the advantages and disadvantages of Motte and Bailey castles designs. . only needed basic materials for their construction (such as earth, and wood).

Norman Castles
The castle, built in the motte-and-bailey style, was made of wood. Local peasants were forced to dig a deep circular ditch. The displaced earth was then thrown .

What are the Motte and Bailey Castles made of
Motte and Bailey castles are made out of wood and mud. They used wood because it was cheap and was easy to build with. Also, it only took a few weeks to .

Medieval Homes
Motte and Bailey Castles: When the Normans captured an area they built a fort or castle where they would be safe. The first forts were made from wood.

These wooden castles were called Motte & Bailey castles. Motte is an old French word for 'clod of earth' and Bailey meant 'enclosure'. They were very quick to .


Destroying Motte and Bailey Castles
Fast and accurate facts about the Destroying Motte and Bailey Castles. . before the Normans replaced the wooden Motte and Bailey Castles with stone castles .

Motte and Bailey Castles (page 1 of 3) - TimeRef - Medieval History ...
The Motte and Bailey Castle. Click image to enlarge. Norman Castles - during and after Norman Invasion; Central wooden tower or stronghold (keep) raised on .

How to Make a Motte and Bailey Castle: 17 steps - wikiHow
Jan 20, 2012 . How to Make a Motte and Bailey Castle. . Draw out your plan of where the motte will go on the wooden board (or whatever you have used), .

Medieval Castles By Build Model Castles - Castles
This very small castle roughly approximates the type of stone structure built in the 12th century to replace some of the primitive wooden motte and bailey castles .

The Motte and Bailey Castle at Ardscull, near Athy, Co. Kildare
Ardscull is the surviving earthen component of a Medieval Anglo-Norman earth and timber castle known as a Motte and Bailey. The sites consists of a large .

Online Lesson - Attacking and Defending a Castle - motte and bailey
Mar 24, 2007 . The Bailey was separated from the Motte by a wooden bridge that could be removed if the Bailey was occupied by enemies. The Bailey was the .

Armadamodels.co.uk - Motte and Bailey Castle
Motte and Bailey castles, popular in Britain during the 11th and 12th centuries, typically consisted of a fortified courtyard (bailey) overlooked by a wooden castle .

Medieval Society
A motte and bailey fortress consists of a circular ditch dug perhaps 10 feet deep and 30 feet across, with wooden palisades at the edge of the ditch. This might be .

The Development of Castles
A few soldiers in a motte and bailey could dominate a large area. Being made of wood of meant motte and baileys could be burnt down. The timbers of motte .

History of Tonbridge - Normans
On its flattened top surrounded by a timber fence was a timber tower. To one side of the motte was the bailey, walled enclosure surrounded by a ditch. Within the .

The motte was an artificial mound of earth and the bailey was a flat courtyard. Around both the top of the motte and the bailey was a wooden fence or PALISADE.

Why were Motte and Bailey castles built out of wood
Motte and Bailey castles were built out of wood because it was cheap to buy, light to carry and could be built really quickly and with ease. A motte and bailey .

BritishCastle.co.uk | Castles in England
A list by county of castles in England. Click on a county for a .

Early Castles: The Motte and Bailey and the ... - Secret Shropshire
Many of the early castles in England and Shropshire were constructed using earth and timber, and are known as motte and bailey castles. The motte was either .

Stone Castles: Examples, History, Photos and More
Consequently, as Norman control over England became more secure, new stone castles began to be built, or wooden Motte and Bailey castles were rebuilt in .

Stone Keep Castles
Whereas motte and bailey castles were surrounded by a wooden fence, the stone keeps could rely on outer walls made of stone (curtain walls). William's stone .

Motte and Bailey Castles - Castles and Manor Houses
A bailey is an enclosed courtyard, typically surrounded by a wooden palisade overlooked by the motte. It was used as a living area by vassals who served the .

Reconstruction of Inverugie Castle
This is all that remains of the first wooden 'Motte and Bailey' castle of Inverugie raised by the Cheynne family in the 12th century. The name 'Inver ' means .


Christchurch Castle and the Constables Keep
Christchurch Castle, built high on its Motte (or man made hillock) replaced a traditional early Norman motte and Bailey (wooden castle) around 1190.

The Motte and Bailey castle
Apr 8, 2005 . Motte and Bailey castles were built from wood and earth. These materials were readily available in England and Wales so they were quick and .

Motte and Bailey Castles - Castles of Britain
Motte shapes could be round, oval, or angular. motte and bailey castle. Generally , mottes were crowned with a wooden tower which was basically a look-out and .


Turmhügelburg - Turm, Wohn- und Wirtschaftsgebäude - Motte-and ...
Aug 12, 2009 . In the Middle Ages there where at least 36 small wooden castles (named motte- and-bailey) in the Ploen district, Holstein. In the 12th century .


Norman Castles
The Normans introduced the wooden Motte and Bailey Norman castles which were . A few English timber Motte and Bailey style Norman castles had been .

Middleham Castle
Rufus built a wooden motte-and-bailey castle, 500 yards to the south-west of where the present castle stands, on a site known as William's Hill. It was built to .

Castles of England/Norman Castles - Wikibooks, open books for an ...
Oct 12, 2011 . Kenilworth Castle began as a motte and bailey castle with wooden walls. It is built on a rock knoll, surrounded by marsh land giving it a .


Motte and Bailey Castles - The Castles of Wales
Above: drawing of a typical motte-and-bailey castle . were able to reach the safety of the "tower," a reference to the motte with a timber structure on its summit.

Terra Maris - Motte-and-bailey castle
A motte-and-bailey is a medieval castle hill (motte) with a defense tower. The only . The earliest castles – from approx. the12th century - were made of wood.


A post-Roman and Norman defense system consisting of an earthen mound (the motte) topped with a wooden tower, placed within a bailey with enclosure ditch, .

Medieval English Castles - Medieval-Period.com
The first Norman castles were hurriedly constructed from earth and timber, and most conformed to a basic plan: the motte and bailey. The motte was a large .

From the Norman Conquest to the Magna Carta
Wooden Motte and Bailey . The motte or castle mound remains today next to the Shire Hall. At Castle Camps, Aubrey de Vere built a large moated earthwork to .


Norman Castles - Medieval castles
What were the first Norman castles like? The Normans built motte and bailey castles to begin with. These castle were quick to build using just earth and timber.