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U.S. History I: New England Colonies
. prime motive for the founding of the New England colonies was religious freedom. . New Hampshire and Maine were originally proprietorships granted not by .

New England Colonies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New England Colonies of British America included the colonies of . on Saint Croix Island, Maine in June 1604 under the authority of the King of France.

Massachusetts Bay Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The territory administered by the colony included much of present-day central New England, including portions of the U.S. states of Massachusetts, Maine, New .

Thirteen Colonies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Massachusetts Bay colony encroached into Maine during the English Civil War, but, . Outside Puritan New England, election day brought in all the men from the .

Colonial New England on Display on Tours of Cities, Parks ...
Four of six New England states were members of the original 13 Colonies; Maine was part of Massachusetts and Vermont became the 14th state following the .

Which part of the four new England colonies was Maine part of
Which part of the four new England colonies was Maine part of? Improve . Which four colonies were part of the new England region? Massachusetts .

Map of Maine - Maine Map, Augusta ME, Maine Facts History ...
State map of Maine includes landforms, attractions, history, facts and major cities like . parts of eastern Quebec, the Maritime provinces, and all of New England. . owners and merchants in England's colonies rebelled, and they proudly (and .

New Hampshire Colonial History
Introduction to Colonization of New England . to the mouth of the Piscataqua, bearing a colony of settlers with Captain Neal as governor. . the portion that became New Hampshire,2 and Gorges the eastern portion, which was called Maine.

Overview of Colonial America - The Thirteen Colonies
. the thirteen colonies and the important differences between the New England, . both until New Hampshire was given a royal charter in 1679 and Maine was .

13 Originals
The colony, a fort named Fort St. George, was located in present day Maine and . Massachusetts was a New England colony which started out as a Corporate .

Part III, Chapter 28.
NORTH of Massachusetts two more colonies, New Hampshire and Maine, were . charters and patents from the King, and from the New England Company.

PowerPoint Presentation - 13 Colonies
13 Colonies. Mountain View Elementary School. Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801. The New England Colonies. Massachusetts (Maine). New Hampshire .

The Middle Colonies
The Middle Colonies were more diverse than colonies in New England and the . Charles II claimed all of the New Netherlands to Delaware Bay (also Maine, .

History Ancestors Ancestry Genealogy New England Maine ME New ...
Photographs and History of colonial cemeteries and gravestones of New England in southern Maine, southern New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts.


Athena Review 3,2: Maine's Popham Colony
And the colony's new leader, Raleigh Gilbert, learned with the arrival of an early fall resupply ship that his family's estates in England were his by inheritance, .

The Colony Hotel ~ Kennebunkport, Maine ~ About The Colony Hotel
The Colony Hotel is one of Maine's most outstanding resorts. . Private Sandy Beach and Safe Bathing; Acclaimed New England Dining featuring Maine Lobster .

Meetinghouse Locations - Colonial Meetinghouses of New England
Under the close church-state relationship that formed colonial New England, it was . examples of a traditional New England meetinghouse in the state of Maine .

Maine Timeline - The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maine
1610 Jamestown Colony sends fishing vessels to Maine waters. 1613 Jesuit Colony of . Smith, with the gift of a real estate agent, renames it New England.

The New England Colonies - Bellevue Public Schools FTP server
In the early 1600's many people from England began to move to the New World . The New England Colonies: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, .

New England - definition of New England by the Free Online ...
Information about New England in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. new england patriots, new england patriot, new england colonies, new . New England - a region of northeastern United States comprising Maine and .

Colonial Adjustment, Inc. - New England's Largest Independent ...
Colonial Adjustment, Inc. - New England's Largest Independent Insurance . States of Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont by maintaining high quality standards.

The Flag of New England Page
New England is the north east corner of the United States, comprising the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, . The history of the Pine Tree as a symbol of New England probably predates the european colonial .

Migration Routes, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Rhode Island ...
Westward migration from the New England colonies occurred in a similar . in present day Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, .

The University of Maine - Cooperative Extension: Sustainable ...
The main objective of the SARE project was to address major problems with sourcing of honeybee colonies in Maine and New England. The vast majority of .

History of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1628-1664
1602 - Bartholomew Gosnold Explores Southern Maine to Cape Cod . "In 1628, the foundation was laid for another colony in New England, by the name of the .

Avalon Project - Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents
1619/20 - Petition for a Charter of New England by the Northern Company of . Maine: 1622 - A Grant of the Province of Maine to Sir Ferdinando Gorges and .

The New England Colonies - AP* Study Notes
Home AP U.S. History Topic Outlines The New England Colonies . activities along the coast and eventually became Maine, New Hampshire, and Nova Scotia .

What were the original 13 colonies that became the first US states
New England: Province of New Hampshire, later New Hampshire Province of Massachusetts Bay, later Massachusetts and Maine Colony of Rhode Island and .

Mainebirding :: Atlantic Puffin Information
There are several puffin colonies off the coast of Maine where you can view . As more settlers came to New England, puffins (and many other birds) were killed .

New England History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
New England is a six-state region in the northeastern United States. . replaced, the New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, . the mother country, New England colonies evolved representative governments, .

In 1684, the New England colonies - Massachusetts, Maine, Plymouth, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, plus New York and New Jersey two .


1600-1700: US Colonies | Schoolbytes
MAINE (1629). King James was wary of all the Puritans in New England. He decided to water down the religious rigor with colonies of loyal Anglicans who .

Maine, state, United States: History Infoplease.com
As conflicts increased between the colonies and England, nonimportation societies formed to boycott English goods sprang up in Maine. During the American .

Massachusetts Bay Colony
A land grant was received from the Council of New England, the successor to the . granted to Massachusetts; the Plymouth Colony and Maine were absorbed.


Colonial America - Effort To Colonize Maine
Colonists from England established Popham Colony near the mouth of the Kennebec River. In 1622, England gave the land of Maine and New Hampshire to .


New England Seabirds, Whales, Dolphins
Pelagic birding in New England and conservation of marine birds. Natural . Visit breeding seabird colonies iin Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Canada.

American Journeys Background on Relation of a Voyage to ...
Popham's Expedition to Maine, 1607-1608. On April 10, 1606, James I signed a charter for two colonies, one in the northern part of Virginia and the other in the south. . years later, were the first English colonists in New England (see AJ-025) .


History of Massachusetts
In 1629 the New England Company was reorganized as the Massachusetts Bay . Bay, Plymouth, and Maine into the single royal colony of Massachusetts.

The Call of the Coast: Art Colonies of New England by Thomas ...
The Call of the Coast: Art Colonies of New England by Thomas Denenberg from . and commerce, they founded art colonies from Connecticut to Maine.


Dominion of New England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some of the New England colonies presented specific problems for the king, . the Plymouth Colony, the Province of New Hampshire, the Province of Maine, .

Program 9: Rolling Back The Frontier | MPBN's"HOME: The Story of ...
THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY'S ANNEXATION OF MAINE. By the . Gorges was the leader of the council for New England, a group of English officials .

New England Road Trip
Take a New England Road Trip and Experience Beautiful Mountains, Fall Foliage, . New Hampshire and Vermont were part of the original 13 colonies ( Maine .


Maine History Online - 1500-1667 Contact & Conflict
In 1602, Bartholomew Gosnold was sent to find a suitable place for a future colony. Gosnold established a small settlement in southern New England, sailed .