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Table 2 presents the estimated production costs per acre during the first year and . the planting costs amortized over 4 years based on the life of hop plants, and .

Hop Growing Workshop
Season Average Price of Hops (U.S.). $-. $0.50. $1.00 . Plant Spacing 7.5' x 7.5'. •Tillage both ways . LOW TRELLIS ESTABLISHMENT COST PER ACRE (9') .

Building trellis and planting rootstock requires a significant investment. . The number of strings per acre remained the same (1778 strings/acre). . more efficient production and lower costs, the life of a commercial alpha hop variety has been .

Introduction Marketing and Market Outlook
Hops. Introduction. Hop (Humulus lupulus) is an herbaceous plant . Although hops plants may survive . and market prices, the following per acre returns .

Crop Profile for Hops in Washington - Regional IPM Centers
Average production cost per acre - the cost of establishing a hop yard averages . Hops are vegetatively propagated, with new yards established by planting .

Crop Profile for Hops in Oregon - Crop Profiles
Nov 23, 1999 . Total hop production costs are $3527.01 per acre. Most hops are . The female plant hop cones are the hops of commerce. From August to .

Hops to it: Growers have sweet spot for bitter herb - MiBiz - Michigan ...
Mar 4, 2011 . The barriers to entry for growers are steep: It costs around $10000 per acre to plant hops, due to the cost associated in rigging the overhead .

2009-2010 Feasibility and Market Research Study For Commercial ...
Appendix F - Hopyard Establishment Costs Per Acre. Appendix G . hops, because they are a perennial plant and take three to four years to establish.

Mich bud econ handout
Zeus is later and flowers uniformly. • Research is now on to find dwarf hops*. Irrigating Hops. Hopyard Standard Trellis Establishment Cost per Acre. Rhizomes .

Small Scale & Organic Hops Production
The Hops Project started because I wanted desperately to grow hops. Before . Value Per. Harvested Acre. Average Price. Production. Harvested Acre. Acres .

Charlie Rohwer, PhD
Planted from rhizome cuttings, new plants are identical to mother plants . HOW TO GROW HOPS. 1. . Startup costs are $5000–$18000 per Acre in year 1. 2.

2004 Estimated Cost of Producing Hops under Drip Irrigation in the ...
Hop plants have a 7-year life. The limit on hop plant life is due primarily to the need to change varieties. 5. A drip irrigation system costs $1000 per acre to install .

In Hop Pursuit: Indie Hops Organics Update: 2012 Will Be a Big ...
Apr 2, 2011 . To be safe, we will be planting our additional ten organic acres . what we came up with: a maximum “worst case scenario” price per pound has .


Hops Returns To Empire: today's crop finds a niche market « Glen ...
Jun 17, 2009 . The goal of the farm is to plant all 40 acres to hops. . With prices for hops at a premium last year — some retailers reported getting as much . to a half of mature hops, which yield 1600-2000 pounds of dried cones per acre.

anagement of Japanese Hops on Forest Regeneration Sites
Sep 16, 2008 . Background. Japanese Hops or Japanese Hop (Humulus japonicus) is an invasive exotic weed that . Many thousands of Hops plants per acre may be produced . Cost per Acre (approx., for herbicide only, at rates indicated) .

How to Start Hop Farming
Nov 17, 2011 . Do not hop drought but rather start planting and growing hops. . income per acre of hops and where to obtain plants and related cost. any info .

CSU SCP Hops Project
Mar 11, 2009 . Organic Hops Variety Trials and Over-wintering Study . acre yields in the Northwest, very commonly used by Colorado microbrewers . During that time there was a surplus of hops, and market prices were near or below the cost of production. . Ten varieties are planted in three replications, two plants per .

Sustainable Hop Production in the Great Lakes Region
Hop plants are dioecious (male and female flowers occur on . an average of 800 to1,000 plants per acre. . Standard tall hop trellis establishment costs/acre .

BT - Factors Affecting Hop Production, Quality, and Brewer Preference
Declining yields of traditional noble aroma hops and the demands of modern . them unattractive for hop growers unless substantial price incentives are offered. . Growers would love to plant 2-4 male plants per acre, which would increase .

NCGR-Corvallis Humulus Genetic Resources
US yields average around 1700 pounds per acre. The average price per pound received by growers from 1995 to 1997 has ranged from $1.71 in . Attempts have been made to grow hops in latitudes below 35O, although, for the most part, .

Jason Perrault is a fourth generation hop grower in Yakima Valley
balancing out the shade and the need for the number of plants per acre is where we . But, when the price of hops is way down and you are looking for all cost .

Wisconsin Public Television
Nov 4, 2010 . Growing a whole acre of hop plants, that's a little bit different. . Hops require a lot of labor, starting with hand planting about 1000 rhizomes per acre. . since start- up costs for things like trellises and an irrigation system add up .

Upstate Chunk & Paradigm Company, LLC - Richard Vang - The ...
A hsitory of hops and hop farming in upstate New York, by Richard Vang. . By mid-century, due to excellent yields and good market prices, hop production . yields per acre (2000 pounds) and drier climates less conducive to plant diseases .

Apr 12, 2007 . In hop gardens a few male plants, usually three or four to an acre, are . Formerly several plants were used as well as hops to season ale, . £35 Io 0 Seven years - later the average cost per acre in Kent had risen to quite b7.

The Breeding and Parentage of Hop Varieties By Ing. Gerard W. Ch ...
plants. When that takes place, the female flower (cone) will form seeds. . hence the price of hops. The best yield per acre of hops in the world is at .

2010 Estimated Cost of Producing Hops in the Yakima Valley ...
Annual repair and maintenance costs are. $15 per acre. The water charge is $90 per acre. 4. The drip irrigation system, hop trellis systems, and hop plants have .

Hops on the Way! | OregonLive.com
Apr 24, 2008 . Yakima Valley growers pull crops for hops YAKIMA - Few people can . them shoulder the estimated $6000-per-acre cost to plant yards and .

Hydroponic Hops - Beer Talk & Questions - BeerAdvocate
That said, I believe it absolutely would be possible to grow hops hydroponically. . Anybody know what the "average" price of a pound or kilo of hops is? . 1000 plants/acre and get about 2 lbs per plant (rough average).

Beer agriculture making gains in Boulder County and Colorado ...
Jul 17, 2011 . Boulder-area breweries grow hops, have interest in closer barley farms . in watching hops prices fluctuate by $21 per pound overnight and in . The 2-acre hop field boasts a 12-foot trellis system to support the growth of the .

Grow Your Grains - Brew Your Own
But barley, also like hops, is a great plant for small settings. . Barley is sown at a rate of 60 to 90 pounds per acre, which translates into about a half-pound . at any time, for any reason, we'll issue a complete refund of your subscription price.


Premium Hops & Hop Products - Hopunion
Sep 26, 2011 . At an estimated cost of. $5000 per acre, growers are investing heavily in the expansion of acreage for the proprietary hops that you are asking .

PCA Alien Plant Working Group - Japanese Hop (Humulus japonicus)
Mar 1, 2010 . Japanese hop, or hops, is an herbaceous, usually annual vine that lacks tendrils . Many thousands of hop plants per acre may be produced, eventually . control (through July), with the added benefit of relatively low cost.

Dining with Dara: Hops to make locavores happy | Minnesota Public ...
Sep 29, 2011 . Whether you're powerfully thirsty, or simply have a few acres of well-drained . Hops grow in much the same way as wine grapes, on a trellis about 15 feet high. . While the set-up costs can be substantial, Sweeny told me that the . is that a hops grower can plan on earning $8000 to $12000 per acre for .


Hops | Southern Research and Outreach Center | University of ...
Mar 2, 2011 . Hops are a perennial vine, and the female inflorescence is used to add . are from farms averaging >400 Acres in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. . What varieties will grow on a low trellis here? . Output, cost of trellis per: .


Hop Crop Profile - PSES home
Establishment costs for a hop yard range from $2950 to $3885 per acre. . Hop plants are grown on a wire and cable trellis suspended about 18 feet above the .

Enterprise Budget: Hop Establishment, Willamette Valley Region
establishing hops in the Willamette Valley Region of. Oregon. . The total establishment cost of $4196.86 per acre is amortized . Plant cover crop. 3.23. 4.78 .


Hop Industry of the Pacific Coast States
The price of hops is peculiarly subject to extreme . the root system of hop plants that widely penetrate many . 900--i 000 plants are needed per acre. Three and .

Boundary County, Idaho, Outdoor Activities
The refuge lies on 2774 acres of prime wetlands and meadows. . in the Kootenai River Valley comprise 1700 acres of fertile ground that grows 889 hops plants per acre. . For more information on tee times or greens fees, call 267- 5314.


2011 December 27 — City Farmer News
Dec 27, 2011 . It cost a lot to employ a single person so the equipment grew larger in . to plant a thousand acres in a day comes at the cost of productivity per . “Hop plant ( Humulus Lupulus) is vigorous climbing vegetation and hops are .

The hop plant is a vine that produces annual stems from a perennial crown and . Approximately 100 lb/acre of nitrogen is removed by the harvested portion of a good . The total cost for establishment and the first year operation of a hop yard .

Growing Garlic - Hobby Farms
Sep 1, 2011 . Crop Profile: Hops . Buying the cloves to plant a new field of garlic will cost somewhere around $1200 per acre, and if all goes well, a farmer can expect to increase the amount of garlic he has planted by somewhere .


Organic Hop Market Report
The spring planting season for the 2011 crop has now passed, but we are pleased to report that: Over 50 new acres of certified organic hops were planted, and many existing . The annual fee for associate members is $100 per year.